Mixed media collage, linnen, thread, ink drawings and found footage.

“You came before me
On other shores
In other cities
Your otherness was inimitable
A being transcendent
To the dirt under my shoes
The dirt under yours
Had traveled much further”



“They would bow to time in a vase
Wilted as she was
early to leave
I am the lover’s gift
I am the memory of a moment
I am the last gift of the living to the dead;
I am a part of joy and a part of sorrow”



“When he smoked he looked suave, like someone famous.
Only then did we become unaware of the dirt on his face”



That sinking feeling you get
When your swimming and you want to put your feet on the ground
Then you realize how deep it is…”



“It tries the walls will to stand up straight and tall,
When the water leaks walls will bend
Or integrate
Into something new, the same but different”



“They spread thin lines across a great divide
Oh! to see you close!
In all your filth and glory”



“Some misplaced glamour of sorts,
Anything to fill the void
And the void is deep if you can’t learn to love it
We are so needy,
Maybe you should pretend the void is love and cuddle up to it
Until it needs you”



“Strange growth”